my first tapestry weaving

plant-dyed yarn

Jennifer Finn, Anything is Possible, Oils, 20 x 20, 2014

Jennifer Finn, I'm Free Said the Bee, oils, 20 x 30, 2014

Jennifer Finn, The Blue in You is Beautiful Too, oils, 18 x 24, 2014

Jennifer Finn, The Light Through the Trees, it Sings to Me, oils, 48 x 32, 2014

Jennifer Finn, What I Dream Will Be, oils, 18 x 24, 2014

Contact the artist to inquire about purchasing any of the above:

some foraged and plant-dyed embroidery threads in my home studio

I made a garland out of vintage hand-crocheted dresses that I found for $3 each

A painting in the works.  I'm pretty sure I hate it, but there is also something about it that I love.

I spend as much time as possible mending lately.  
A closer look at some visible mending on a favorite sweater

a love poem found in a used book at Powell's

 a recent painting

my home sewing space

hand-sewn Taproot tunic, pattern by Sonya Phillips, in ikat.

oil painting, potted plant in front of window, 2013 SOLD

new painting for sale at Flora: Onward, acrylics, 2013

a collaboration with my studiomate

a photo gallery of completed paintings in my studio

at my easel

dressform and patterns, under my tumbleweeds in my studio

a day at the river

working on a hand-sewn wool dress in the studio

visible mending on a Smartwool sock

a hand-made, embroidered cotton tunic in the works

collecting materials for an upcoming Freeform Living Project show

making many, many small candles on a cold day in the studio

reworking an old painting




 I spent the entire summer and early autumn walking, walking, looking and gathering, gathering beautiful plants.  I took them back to my studio and made dyes out of them to dye embroidery threads.  I am using those threads in a huge embroidery project that  I'm very excited about.  But the work is slow, slow.  Very very slow.  I can stitch all day and only have a couple of inches to show for it.  So, be patient with me dear friends and patrons.  I will have more work to show in time.  Meanwhile, stitch.... stitch.... stitch.... .  What a wonderful way to spend the rainy season. 

Freeform Living Project Lookbook May 2013

Jenn Finn, Freeform Living Project Necklaces, handmade wool dress, and Thinking of Lee Krasner oil painting collage

Jenn Finn, Freeform Living Project necklace 2013

Jenn Finn, Freeform Living Project necklace 2013

Jenn Finn, Freeform Living Project necklace 2013

Jenn Finn, Freeform Living Project necklace 2013

Jenn Finn, Freeform Living Project necklace, handmade skirt, and hand-stitched bag made from her oil painting, 2013

Jenn Finn, Freeform Living Project necklaces 2013

Jenn Finn, daily flower oil paintings, 2013

Jenn Finn, hand-stitched tote bag made from an oil painting, 2013

This lookbook will give you a heads up of what I'll have for sale at Flora's West End Week End Pop-Up Shop next weekend.  The opening reception is Friday May 10th from 5-8 pm and I'll be raffling off that hand-stitched tote bag above to one lucky winner.  Did I mention that it has a matching clutch?  Hope you can make it!

917 SW Washington St. 
Portland, OR