my first tapestry weaving

plant-dyed yarn

Jennifer Finn, Anything is Possible, Oils, 20 x 20, 2014

Jennifer Finn, I'm Free Said the Bee, oils, 20 x 30, 2014

Jennifer Finn, The Blue in You is Beautiful Too, oils, 18 x 24, 2014

Jennifer Finn, The Light Through the Trees, it Sings to Me, oils, 48 x 32, 2014

Jennifer Finn, What I Dream Will Be, oils, 18 x 24, 2014

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some foraged and plant-dyed embroidery threads in my home studio

I made a garland out of vintage hand-crocheted dresses that I found for $3 each

A painting in the works.  I'm pretty sure I hate it, but there is also something about it that I love.

I spend as much time as possible mending lately.  
A closer look at some visible mending on a favorite sweater

a love poem found in a used book at Powell's

 a recent painting

my home sewing space

hand-sewn Taproot tunic, pattern by Sonya Phillips, in ikat.

oil painting, potted plant in front of window, 2013 SOLD

new painting for sale at Flora: Onward, acrylics, 2013

a collaboration with my studiomate

a photo gallery of completed paintings in my studio

at my easel

dressform and patterns, under my tumbleweeds in my studio

a day at the river

working on a hand-sewn wool dress in the studio

visible mending on a Smartwool sock

a hand-made, embroidered cotton tunic in the works

collecting materials for an upcoming Freeform Living Project show

making many, many small candles on a cold day in the studio

reworking an old painting




 I spent the entire summer and early autumn walking, walking, looking and gathering, gathering beautiful plants.  I took them back to my studio and made dyes out of them to dye embroidery threads.  I am using those threads in a huge embroidery project that  I'm very excited about.  But the work is slow, slow.  Very very slow.  I can stitch all day and only have a couple of inches to show for it.  So, be patient with me dear friends and patrons.  I will have more work to show in time.  Meanwhile, stitch.... stitch.... stitch.... .  What a wonderful way to spend the rainy season.